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Execution Lab

Creating Value: Winning the Sales Conversation

A live virtual training event with Anthony Iannarino

November 29th, 2023 at 12 PM eastern time

Limited to only 50 seats!

Live Training

You will never win all the clients you want, but you will win all the clients that want you. But how do you make them want you?

Creating a preference to buy from you requires you to create value for your prospective clients above and beyond your competitors.

The only vehicle for creating value is the sales conversation you use to engage decision-makers, buyers, and stakeholders. You either create the value that causes your contacts to prefer you or you don’t.

The contest isn’t between your company and your competitor’s company or your solution and your competitor’s solution. Instead, the contest is between you and your competitor with the winner being the person who created the greatest value in the sales conversation.


Join us for an immersive, 2-hour Execution Lab on November 16th, from noon - 2:00PM ET — where you will learn the most effective strategy for creating value in your interactions with your contacts. There are a number of tactics you will learn with examples you can follow to improve your sales effectiveness.


Live virtual event on Zoom

November 29, 2023 
12 PM - 2 PM eastern time


What You Can Expect From This Execution Lab Virtual Training

By attending this Execution Lab, you'll walk away with innovative strategies and powerful value creation tools that will set you apart from your competitors, equipping you to create exceptional value during the most critical moments of your sales interactions.


Effective Value Creation Strategies

We'll walk you through the best strategies for creating value. This will help you create a preference to buy from you by leading your contact in the buyer's journey.


Talk Tracks

You'll get the Strategy and Tactics Handbook with cutting-edge examples and Talk Tracks that are easy to execute leading to a comfortable conversation.


Execution & Role-Playing

Dive into a hands-on learning experience where you'll put new strategies to the test in real-time role-playing scenarios, all within a supportive and safe environment.



Ask your questions, and seek our guidance. This is your workshop, which is highly interactive, where you can bring all your questions about value creation strategies.


Value Creation Workbook

You'll get the Value Creation Workbook with exercises and guidance to enable Value Creation.


Session Recording

Enjoy lifetime access to the recording of this Execution Lab Training, so you can revisit and reinforce your learning whenever you need a boost.

Take advantage of this chance to sharpen your skills and secure your spot as a top-performing sales professional. Reserve your seat today!

Led by Anthony Iannarino, a best selling author & keynote speaker who has helped over 300 companies hit their sales targets.

What Our Attendees Say

Live Training

Join The LIVE Virtual Event on Zoom, November 29th, 2023 at 12 PM ET

Act fast to reserve your spot! Enrollment for this workshop is limited to 50 Participants

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