Sales Accelerator Training for Managers

How To Create a Sales Management Cadence to Support Accountability & Results

Live virtual training on Zoom

Feb 1, 2022 12 PM ET
Feb 15, 2022 12 PM ET

Live virtual event on Zoom
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NOTE:This is a 2-hour training that takes place across two dates, for 1-hour each session. This is not the same content and it is recommended you attend both dates to receive the full training.

There are a certain set of structures that support a positive culture of accountability, as well as ensuring you are tracking toward your goals. The Sales Management Cadence provides you with control and perspective. 

You Will Learn

  • The six meetings that make up an effective sale management cadence. 
  • How to manage your schedule and your time on high value conversations. 
  • The importance of consistent review of your results that improves your sales forces's results.

You Will Get Talk Tracks

  • How to prepare your team for an operating cadence. 
  • How to hold the one meeting that will have the greatest impact on your results. 
  • What to do when salespeople avoid mandatory conversations.

You Will Get Action Items

  • Schedule a meeting with your team to introduce your cadence. 
  • Schedule your first pipeline meeting. 
  • Build a calendar for your first ninety days and invite your team to the meetings. 

What's Included?

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Live Session With Anthony

This 4-hour virtual training session will take place online in a live Zoom session with Anthony.


Interactive Learning

Live exercises, breakouts, and Q&A with Anthony to help you dial in this approach to presenting & proposing.


Talk Tracks Workbook

The Talk Tracks Workbook with language choices for the common conversations you will need during a presentation and a proposal.


Presentation & Proposal Workbook

The Presentation & Proposal Workbook with exercises and most importantly examples to help you immediately use what you learn in the workshop.


Sales Accelerator Access

You will also have a 90-day pass to Sales Accelerator and access to a handful of modules that provide post-workshop learning, talk tracks, and the workshop recording.


Follow-Up Q&A Session

Roughly two to three weeks after the workshop, we will host a Q&A session. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions as you have been applying what you learned.

Live on air

Do Good Work. Can't Wait to See You There!