Sessions start September 6th!

A 3-month coaching intensive followed by 9-months of post-development for sales leaders. You will be coached by Anthony, with the sole focus of making sure your team drives results!

Sales Leader Coaching Intensive

Historically, sales leaders have been promoted from the role of a sales rep. For a long time, there has been an assumption that because they were a great rep, that means they would make them a good manager. Rarely does this work out the way everyone intended.

Rarely, if ever, does a new manager get the training they need to help them be a great manager. And managers who have been doing this for years, generally struggle and feel they don’t have any power to hold their team accountable.

Being a successful leader means:

  • Identifying and establishing your non-negotiables
  • Implementing strategies to enforce your will
  • Holding reps accountable to your expectations
  • Instilling humane consequences as needed

This program is 100% designed to provide sales leaders with the tools, structures, and strategies required to take control of the outcomes the sales force produces.

Jump Start Coaching Initiative

In the initial 3 months, you will be coached by Anthony, with the sole focus of making sure your team drives results.

In this jump-start intensive, you will gain the tools and strategies to create:

  • Accountability: define and establish a culture of accountability.
  • New Deals: Pipeline meeting strategies that cause net new opportunities every week.
  • Prospecting: Tools to enforce a prospecting cadence, visibility, and accountability.
  • Leadership Style: Leveraging your leadership style to maximize results.
  • Hunter Culture: Establish a hunter culture so reps do the most important work of creating new deals.

What's Included?

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Live Coaching With Anthony

Twelve 1-hour coaching sessions across the first 3 months (live, virtual, exclusive group).



Examples of work that needs to be done, no theory.


Talk Tracks

Language talk tracks to use with your team to gain change.



Plug and play formulas allowing you to quickly see the changes needed.



Uncover and create your plan through intentional workbook questions.


On-going Support

After the 12-week intensive, twice a month, you will be invited to live, virtual training sessions and be sent bi-weekly training assignments from our on-demand platform. The live virtual sessions are interactive and provide the opportunity for you to seek any assistance you might need.


Post 3-Month Coaching

Following the intensive, we will spend the next 9 months making sure you are supported in your development through ongoing training and coaching with twice-a-month live, virtual training sessions and micro, bite-sized on-demand modules. We take all the guesswork out of what you need to do, as we will put you on a path that drives results.

We take the responsibility to put you on a path toward development. You’ll get bi-weekly coaching modules in your inbox. You just click the link and Anthony can share with you in micro, bite-sized modules on topics like how to get your team to be more effective, how to deal with poor performers, creating a hunter culture, hiring and interview questions, and so much more.

Support for a full year!

With the 3-month intensive and the 9-month post-development, you will have support for one full year. During the coaching calls you will have access to Anthony and his team to get your questions answered. Joining the coaching calls provides you with a direct path to get your questions answered and seek guidance on challenges that come your way.

Have questions? We are here to help!

Drop us a note or schedule a meeting with Beth Mastre: Beth@B2BSalesCoach.com or grab a time on her calendar.

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