Sales Accelerator Training for Managers

How To Coach Your Team to Maximize Revenue Results

Live virtual training on Zoom

Mar 1, 2022 12 PM ET
Mar 15, 2022 12 PM ET

Live virtual event on Zoom
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NOTE:This is a 2-hour training that takes place across two dates, for 1-hour each session. This is not the same content and it is recommended you attend both dates to receive the full training.

The one practice that consistently improves a sales force's competencies and their confidence is coaching. Salespeople want coaching, but most managers don't spend the time providing coaching, least of all the kind that improves performance. The coaching index is going to build on your positive culture of accountability and your cadence. 

You Will Learn

  • How to find time for coaching by turning every conversation into a coaching session. 
  • How to structure a coaching call based on the person being coached to produce the best results. 
  • How to coach senior salespeople with good results and who are already highly competent.

You Will Get Talk Tracks

  • How to invite a salesperson into a coaching relationship. 
  • What to do with a salesperson who is not coachable. 
  • How to follow up and measure an individual's growth.

You Will Get Action Items

  • Draft a short coaching conversation using the template provided.
  • Convert three conversations with salespeople who are a little too dependent on you for answers. 
  • Write down what you learned from these two prior exercises and share them with a peer.

What's Included?

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Live Session With Anthony

This 4-hour virtual training session will take place online in a live Zoom session with Anthony.


Interactive Learning

Live exercises, breakouts, and Q&A with Anthony to help you dial in this approach to presenting & proposing.


Talk Tracks Workbook

The Talk Tracks Workbook with language choices for the common conversations you will need during a presentation and a proposal.


Presentation & Proposal Workbook

The Presentation & Proposal Workbook with exercises and most importantly examples to help you immediately use what you learn in the workshop.


Sales Accelerator Access

You will also have a 90-day pass to Sales Accelerator and access to a handful of modules that provide post-workshop learning, talk tracks, and the workshop recording.


Follow-Up Q&A Session

Roughly two to three weeks after the workshop, we will host a Q&A session. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions as you have been applying what you learned.

Live on air

Do Good Work. Can't Wait to See You There!