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Closing Virtual Workshop
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This 4-hour workshop is a radical reframing of the idea "always be closing," updating the concept for the modern, consultative B2B salespeople as always be gaining the next commitment.

You need more than A.B.C.

Sales organizations and salespeople are struggling to adapt to the new normal in B2B sales. They struggle to deal with a process that is more difficult to control, extending the time it takes them to win new deals. They also struggle to help their clients to gain the consensus they need within their company, something that prevents them from moving forward with a solution—even the right solution.

The best way to approach closing is to think about the sale as a series of conversations your prospect or target clients must engage in to move from target to close.

This course is for you if:

  • Winning new business takes multiple conversations with your prospective clients over time.
  • You want a professional, powerful approach and effective talk tracks for client conversations.
  • You want to accelerate your deals and improve your velocity.
  • You need to exercise greater control over the process for your client to make the right decision.
  • Winning new business means helping your client gain consensus from multiple stakeholders.
  • Your process is critical to creating value and differentiating yourself from your competitors and alternatives.

What you will learn:

  • How to leverage the Trading Value Rule to improve your ability to gain commitments by providing a justification that serves your client.
  • How to control the process and ensure that your prospective clients engage in the conversations necessary to move forward with a new solution.
  • The ten common commitments you need to gain to best serve your client through the sales conversation.
  • The ability to make recommendations about the client's buying process, providing a differentiated experience.

What's Included?

Live Workshop with Anthony

This 4-hour virtual training session will take place online in a live Zoom session with Anthony.

Interactive Learning

Live exercises, breakouts, and Q&A with Anthony to help you practice the lessons and ask questions when you need to.

Workbooks & Talk Tracks

The Talk Tracks Workbook with language choices for each of the 10 Commitments. The Closing Workbook with exercises and examples to help you immediately use what you learn.

Sales Accelerator Access

Finally, you will receive bonus access to Sales Accelerator designed to help you master this approach.

single Ticket - $397

  • Live 4-Hour virtual training with Anthony Iannarino
  • Live breakout sessions and Q&A with Anthony
  • Workbooks w/ exercises & talk tracks to help you gain the next commitment
  • Bonus trial access to courses on Sales Accelerator
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Do good work. Can't wait to see you there!