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Building Insights and a Provocative Perspective


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Live on air

A half-day training on how to acquire, develop, and leverage an insight-based approach to accelerate and improve your ability to create and win new opportunities.

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Why Building Insights is an important part of consultative sales

A modern approach to consultative sales requires that the salesperson provides their client with the insights, ideas, advice and a provocative perspective—one that compels the changes that will allow their client to produce better results.

When a salesperson—or sales force—is missing insights, they make the focus of their conversation their product or solution, something that encourages the client to perceive them as a commodity.

Because most salespeople have never been taught or trained how to identify, develop, and present their insights, they lack the ability to compel change, as well as create a strong preference for the client to prefer to work with them.


This Courses is for you if:

  • You are in B2B sales and want to improve your ability to offer your clients advice that they will act on.
  • You want to improve your skills and abilities as a consultative salesperson, especially the ability to compel change.
  • You work in a competitive marketplace where winning big deals often means displacing a competitor by differentiating yourself and your offering.
  • You need to prevent your prospective clients from making mistakes by providing them with a different view of their business, their challenges, and their opportunities.
  • You need to modernize your overall sales approach.

What's Included?

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Live Session With Anthony

This 2-hour virtual training session will take place online in a live Zoom session with Anthony.


Interactive Learning

Live exercises, breakouts, and Q&A with Anthony to help you dial in this approach to presenting & proposing.



You'll receive a workbook with exercises and most importantly examples to help you immediately use what you learn in the workshop.

In this course you will learn:

Organize Existing Ideas

How to identify, capture, develop and organize your existing insights, as well as those of your peers.

Find New Insights

How to find the sources that reduce the time you need to spend researching trends and speeding your ability to find new insights.

Research Trends

How to research the trends and factors that are going to impact your client’s busines, as well as the implications that would cause them to change now.

Present Your Insights

How to present your insights and ideas in a way that provides your client with a different perspective on their business and their future decisions.

Provide Context

How to provide the context for a conversation about change from your very first meeting, improving your ability to offer your client advice they will be more compelled to act on.

Live on air

Do Good Work. Can't Wait to See You There!