Building Consensus with Stakeholders

Building Consensus with Stakeholder

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This 4-hour training will teach you a practical methodology for building consensus and gaining access to stakeholders with your client's company, creating a preference to buy from you, as well as your solution.

Why you need consensus

One of the most significant challenges for decision-makers and decision-shapers is gaining the consensus of the people who make up the buying committee, as well as the people who would be effected by any decision they make.

Many—if not most—of your contacts don't recognize the need to gain the consensus they need internally, and they don't know how about going about manufacturing it, creating an enormous obstacle that often ends in a "no decision."

As a consultative salesperson, you need to help your contacts recognize that they need consensus. This includes identifying all stakeholders who need to be involved with the decision, as well as when to invite them into the conversation in a way that allows you to move forward. In this training, you will learn how to identify and gain access to the stakeholders, score their level of support, and develop an effective plan to build the consensus you need to win deals.

This course is for you if:

  • Your clients have a number of people whose support you will need to win their business.
  • Your contacts tell you that they are the only person making the decision when your experience tells you otherwise.
  • Winning means gaining access to an executive sponsor or someone with the authority to approve your deal.
  • Building the right solution and ensuring your client can execute it requires that you do discovery with end users and other people who will need to agree that it meets their needs.
  • Your main contact informs you that "we decided to go a different direction," when telling you lost the opportunity.
  • Your sales is a complex, B2B, or Enterprise-level sale.

What you will learn:

  • How to identify the stakeholders you need to build consensus.
  • How to gain access the stakeholders whose support you will need to win the business.
  • How to acquire an executive sponsor to support you initiative.
  • How to effectively measure your support from individual stakeholders.
  • How to decide in what order to engage the stakeholders you need in an order that helps you gain their support for you and your solution.

What's Included?

Live Session with Anthony

This 4-hour virtual training session will take place online in a live Zoom session with Anthony.

Interactive Learning

Live exercises, breakouts, and Q&A with Anthony to help you dial in this approach to building consensus.

Talk Tracks Workbook

The Talk Tracks Workbook with language choices for the common conversations you will need to gain access and support.

Consensus Workbook

The Consensus Workbook with exercises and most importantly examples to help you immediately use what you learn in the workshop.

Consensus Mapping Tool

The Consensus Mapping Tool with examples of a number of different prospecting sequences you can use as models.

Sales Accelerator Access

You will also have a 90-day pass to Sales Accelerator and access to a handful of modules that provide post-workshop learning, talk tracks, and the workshop recording.

Follow-Up Q&A Session

Roughly two to three weeks after the workshop, we will host a Q&A session. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions as you have been applying what you learned.

single Ticket - $397

  • Live 4-Hour virtual training with Anthony Iannarino
  • Live breakout sessions and Q&A with Anthony
  • Workbooks & talk tracks with everything you need to master the lessons.
  • Consensus Mapping Tool with examples.
  • Bonus trial access to courses on Sales Accelerator
  • Follow-up Q&A session
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